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Spacebar Counter - 10 Sec

How many hours do you spend on your keyboard when working? And how many times do you think you stomp on the spacebar? The spacebar is that big chunky key without which you can’t complete a sentence. So, it’s a very important key. Today, let’s talk about why the spacebar matters and how you can improve your spacebar game.

Why Spacebar Counter Matters?

The spacebar is the key that allows you to put space in between ordinary words and turn them into meaningful sentences. The spacebar counter allows track of how many times you hit the spacebar in a given time, that is, 10 seconds in this case, and based on that, a score will be generated. This score and the counter will allow you to use the spacebar more efficiently, increasing your typing speed test. So, if you are a professional for whom every second, keystroke, and spacebar matters, then the spacebar speed test will help you take things to the next level.

How Does Our Spacebar Counter Work?

Understanding how our spacebar work is crucial, but it’s quite easy to learn. Let’s go through the basics of our spacebar counter in the following steps.

  • Step 1 - First, visit our spacebarcounter.org and check out the timer in the box.
  • Step 2 - If it’s set to 10 by default, you can continue. If not, click on that with your mouse and enter 10 from your keyboard.
  • Step 3 - Now, everything is set, and you are ready to begin. To start, start hitting your spacebar as fast as you can and continue hitting as long as you can within the time limit of 10 sec.
  • Step 4 - Once the timer ends, you will be able to see how many you managed to hit the spacebar and how score you achieved.