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1.User ImageEsan
381631.802023-09-14 00:03:00
2.User ImageArmani
169114.092023-09-20 14:51:06
3.User ImageRene Calvillo
121110.092023-09-14 14:01:07
4.User ImageJackson Cannell
11759.792023-09-18 08:58:22
5.User ImageTayven Quintanilla
11679.722023-09-20 11:21:35
6.User ImageTy-Shawn Patterson
11549.622023-09-19 11:50:23
7.User Imagejeramy glady
10788.982023-09-21 16:35:52
8.User ImageLogan Beilsmith
10628.852023-09-21 22:07:58
9.User ImageJosiah Richardson
10458.712023-09-22 13:44:46
10.User ImageAndrew Santiago
9628.022023-09-18 17:53:55
11.User ImageBryan Ramos
8847.372023-09-15 17:03:41
12.User ImageNicholas Trindade
8737.282023-09-13 08:21:57
13.User ImageAiden Killough
8577.142023-09-15 18:43:53
14.User ImageMaxxon Horton
8537.112023-09-13 11:00:33
15.User ImageBrayden Comer
8467.052023-09-21 11:25:56
16.User ImageZabrina Besne
8036.692023-09-21 15:59:22
17.User ImageTitus Ellis
7876.562023-09-18 12:29:27
18.User ImagePreston Swiney
7796.492023-09-19 15:10:33
19.User ImageKean Thibeaux
7766.472023-09-20 10:15:35
20.User ImageJason Ha
7446.202023-09-12 22:42:07
21.User ImageDante Porto
7406.172023-09-15 14:16:50
22.User ImageLogan Huggins
7376.142023-09-21 08:40:07
23.User ImageJonathan Kreitler
7195.992023-09-16 10:36:25
24.User ImageMcKennon Taylor
6825.682023-09-13 14:47:07
25.User ImageJariah Tate
6555.462023-09-11 13:07:29
26.User ImageWeston Whitten
6365.302023-09-22 10:15:11
27.User ImageJoshua Ott
6335.282023-09-18 12:29:35
28.User ImageCharles Bovain
6325.272023-09-21 09:58:21
29.User ImageDecker Easterlin
6115.092023-09-13 11:04:14
30.User ImageJakobe Shelby
5824.852023-09-23 18:19:01
31.User ImageMikah Cohen
5424.522023-09-19 11:28:43
3653.042023-09-20 15:29:16
33.User ImageYahweh Atkins
3542.952023-09-14 16:00:21
34.User ImageGabriel Phoenix
120.102023-09-15 16:01:41

Spacebar Clicker - 120 Sec

Spacebar clicker has become quite popular since it went viral. Many people want to get on the bandwagon of this fun and entertaining game, but they keep on losing. While the game seems simple, we assure you it is not. It would help if you had concentration and fast finger movements, which you can't get without much practice. We are proud to present the Space bar Counter – 120 Sec, which will allow you to practice and help you win your very first game. So, it's time you get up from bed, bring out your keyboard and start practicing.

How Can You Increase Your Spacebar Clicking Speed?

When you have a ready-to-use tool such as Spacebar Counter – 120 Sec, increasing your spacebar clicking speed will not be much of a problem. Just follow our steps, and your fingers will do the talking -

  • Visit your site of Spacebar Counter – 120 Sec.
  • Check the timer. It should be 120 sec by default. But if not, enter 120 or any other timer you prefer.
  • Now, get comfortable, sit straight and get to start tapping the spacebar.
  • As soon as you tap the spacebar for the first time, the time will begin counting.
  • So, it's time you start tapping the spacebar and see how many points you can get before 120 seconds runs out.
  • Once time runs out, check your scores. Keep a close track of your scores and see if you can improve upon your previous scores.

Which Keyboard Should You Use for Spacebar speed test?

Mechanical keyboards are best for such tapping practices/tests due to the very nature of how they work. If you prefer quiet environments, going with a membrane keyboard would be wise due to its lower noise level.