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1.User ImageSimplyJustDud
25150.202023-11-23 14:58:21
2.User ImageEsan
20941.802023-11-19 20:13:54
3.User ImageKean Thibeaux
14428.802023-11-17 15:22:51
4.User ImageJosiah Richardson
13226.402023-11-17 08:44:50
5.User ImageQuinn Nixon
8416.802023-11-17 14:08:40
6.User ImageMcsteven Doyle
7815.602023-11-14 15:52:17
7515.002023-11-21 15:16:32
8.User ImageHarrison Dodson
7414.802023-11-28 09:14:49
9.User ImageS139-Riki Nakamitsu
7114.202023-11-21 14:06:38
10.User ImageEthan Ray Iglesia
6713.402023-11-17 13:08:16
6613.202023-11-21 14:56:19
12.User ImageKings Kopa
6513.002023-11-20 16:39:32
13.User ImageLuca Schmittou
6412.802023-11-27 09:30:15
14.User ImageEmilio Salgado-Gallegos
6212.402023-11-17 14:25:02
15.User ImageWilliam Miller
6112.202023-11-21 12:34:59
16.User ImageLyshmir Dussuau
6112.202023-11-19 11:27:06
17.User Imagenathan peebles
6012.002023-11-23 11:04:06
18.User ImageEzekiel Gaxiola
6012.002023-11-20 20:58:46
19.User ImageLessly Garza
6012.002023-11-19 23:03:04
6012.002023-11-15 10:44:39
21.User ImageFrancisco Carrillo-Garcia
5811.602023-11-17 14:06:14
22.User ImageLyric Waddell
5310.602023-11-17 14:41:54
23.User ImageDylan C
499.802023-11-24 21:20:23
24.User ImageAdrian Vega
499.802023-11-21 08:39:08
25.User ImageTyquail Suggs
479.402023-11-22 07:58:19
26.User ImageJesse Johnson
387.602023-11-27 09:11:30
27.User ImageZy'Quan Williams
377.402023-11-15 15:04:23
28.User ImageErick Garcia
367.202023-11-27 21:08:34
29.User ImageAnthony Largura
316.202023-11-16 09:18:29
285.602023-11-15 10:35:02
31.User ImageAmy Howe
275.402023-11-17 21:29:25
32.User ImageQuennisha Boyd
112.202023-11-26 01:45:46

Spacebar Counter - 5 Sec

Only a writer, coder, gamer, or typewriter knows how important typing speed is and how essential the spacebar button is in their keyboard.

An individual's typing speed can determine the amount of work they can complete in an interval of time. For example, if the typing speed of a writer is fast, they can initially create more documents and save time compared to slow writers.

How to Improve Typing Speed?

If you are among the professionals who require good typing and spacebar speed, then no worries, Spacebar Clicker - 5 Sec is here for you. This is a programmed tool specially designed for typewriters and other typing-related professionals. This tool helps the user count the exact number of times they pressed the spacebar in a specific time interval.

Sounds easy, right? But it is challenging, and this tool gives a score after the end of time. Hence, the speed checker converts to a competitive game. The better you score, the better your speed will be. You will get higher scores in 5 seconds compared to 2 seconds in other tests.

How to Get a Good Score Then?

The answer is simple, tap the spacebar as quickly as possible. But to do that, you have to concentrate and focus. Firstly, improve your body posture. Then sit in a comfortable place and start. Be consistent and practice daily to improve your speed.

However, your keyboard also plays a vital role in this tool. Make sure you use a good keyboard that works smoothly. This tool is fun and valuable. Furthermore, it also improves your typing skills and speed. This is most recommended for gamers.

Your typing speed also depends on your efforts and experience. If you are regular in typing and have faster hand movements, you can easily score well. You can also change the time interval from day to day to check your improvements.