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NameHitsAvgLast Login
1.User ImageKean Thibeaux
33822.532023-09-20 10:15:35
2.User ImageArmani
29219.472023-09-20 14:51:06
3.User ImageEsan
22615.072023-09-14 00:03:00
4.User ImageJosiah Richardson
21114.072023-09-22 13:44:46
5.User ImageWesley Bridges
18412.272023-09-12 10:15:37
6.User ImageBryan Ramos
17611.732023-09-15 17:03:41
7.User ImageTayven Quintanilla
17411.602023-09-20 11:21:35
8.User ImageLogan Beilsmith
17311.532023-09-21 22:07:58
9.User ImageJackson Cannell
17311.532023-09-18 08:58:22
10.User ImageAiden Hill
17111.402023-09-15 09:54:24
11.User ImageRene Calvillo
16911.272023-09-14 14:01:07
12.User ImageYahweh Atkins
16611.072023-09-14 16:00:21
13.User ImageTy-Shawn Patterson
16410.932023-09-19 11:50:23
14.User ImageElijah adams
16410.932023-09-10 18:49:20
15.User ImageChristian Cooper
16310.872023-09-13 11:56:01
16.User Imagejeramy glady
15910.602023-09-21 16:35:52
17.User ImageJoshua Carpenter
15910.602023-09-12 13:50:27
18.User ImageCameron Nichols
15810.532023-09-14 16:51:44
19.User ImageAlexander Mekonen
15610.402023-09-15 15:13:42
20.User ImageDamarion Daguio
15610.402023-09-10 12:15:29
21.User ImageNicholas Trindade
15510.332023-09-13 08:21:57
22.User ImageTristan Zingmark
15010.002023-09-22 18:08:48
23.User ImageJakobe Shelby
1369.072023-09-23 18:19:01
24.User ImageAnthony Tamayo
1338.872023-09-22 22:00:23
25.User ImageDavid Prince
1338.872023-09-12 11:54:26
26.User ImageAiden Killough
1328.802023-09-15 18:43:53
27.User ImageLogan Huggins
1258.332023-09-21 08:40:07
28.User ImageCaleb Pittman
1248.272023-09-20 10:11:08
29.User ImageJonathan Kreitler
1238.202023-09-16 10:36:25
30.User ImageJoshua Harris
1167.732023-09-13 12:54:25
31.User ImageBrayden Comer
1147.602023-09-21 11:25:56
32.User ImageZabrina Besne
1137.532023-09-21 15:59:22
33.User ImageClon de Sergio
1117.402023-09-19 19:27:42
34.User ImageCallie Kosiavelon
1057.002023-09-17 00:26:55
35.User ImageBrooklyn Williams
1006.672023-09-15 11:28:25
36.User Imagedallas acosta
986.532023-09-14 10:06:48
37.User ImageBrooklyn Busz
966.402023-09-13 13:03:43
38.User ImageCharles Bovain
946.272023-09-21 09:58:21
39.User ImageWeston Whitten
926.132023-09-22 10:15:11
40.User ImageDecker Easterlin
895.932023-09-13 11:04:14
41.User Imagecole mcclellan
805.332023-09-16 10:21:10
42.User ImageAveon Smith
795.272023-09-12 12:30:35
43.User ImageMikah Cohen
734.872023-09-19 11:28:43
44.User ImageTitus Ellis
161.072023-09-18 12:29:27

Spacebar Counter - 15 Sec

The spacebar counter test has gone viral in the last couple of months, thanks to viral TikTok challenges. People from different parts of the world are now trying the spacebar counter challenge themselves to see if they can get higher scores. But if this is your first time hearing about this spacebar counter.

It’s a quick test that allows you to score points by hitting the spacebar as much as you can in a gen period, which in this case is 15 sec. The more you hit, the higher score you will get.

Benefits of Using Spacebar Counter

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using spacebar test-

  • It helps you achieve a higher score, giving you an edge in viral TikTok challenges.
  • It helps you count the number of times you can press the spacebar in a given time limit.
  • It allows you to challenge a friend and play a game.
  • No registration or sign-up is required to make spacebar score but if you want to show your name in top result list then you have to sign up.
  • It is compatible with 5 of the most popular browsers and can also be used on desktop and mobile.
  • It is completely free of cost.
  • It even allows you to set a custom timer if the need arises.

Purpose of Our Spacebar Clicker

  • We have built the Spacebar clicker to help our users looking for a simple yet effective means of using a spacebar clicker.
  • It allows our users to score points and improve their typing speed.
  • It improves how you hit the spacebar and allows you to use it more accurately.
  • It can even improve your gaming performance, where the spacebar is crucial. In many games, the spacebar is used to perform various actions.