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1. Pau Piang5656.002022-11-28 13:22:25
2. Dylan Bledsoe5353.002022-11-28 14:29:31
3. Jesus Martinez Cervantes4747.002022-11-25 02:25:19
4. whotao4444.002022-11-26 19:02:03
5. Christopher Bryant3939.002022-11-28 15:14:43
6. Noah Torres3838.002022-11-25 13:39:34
7. Daniel AngelesOlea3535.002022-11-28 14:12:17
8. Austin Claflin3131.002022-11-28 13:35:11
9. Lamar Bell2121.002022-11-27 01:30:36
10. myles holden2020.002022-11-25 04:54:20
11. Anthony Han1818.002022-11-27 19:20:51
12. Joaquín Nicolás Cordero Pastor1616.002022-11-25 12:17:26
13. Christopher Kent1111.002022-11-24 19:42:45
14. Patrick Ballardo1010.002022-11-28 14:38:18
15. Cristian Ponce guevara1010.002022-11-25 23:36:03
16. LOGAN HOLLORAN99.002022-11-28 13:12:34
17. Julian Avellaneda99.002022-11-27 19:10:48
18. Dana Zimmerman99.002022-11-25 21:46:03
19. Yael Maldonado-Sandoval88.002022-11-24 18:39:30
20. Patti Harris66.002022-11-28 00:08:07
21. Prince Metts66.002022-11-26 18:04:23
NameClicksAvgLast Login
1. Pau Piang686343.002022-11-28 13:22:25
2. myles holden12964.502022-11-25 04:54:20
3. Jesus Martinez Cervantes9246.002022-11-25 02:25:19
4. Christopher Bryant7839.002022-11-28 15:14:43
5. Anthony Han6633.002022-11-27 19:20:51
6. Lamar Bell3115.502022-11-27 01:30:36
7. Joaquín Nicolás Cordero Pastor3015.002022-11-25 12:17:26
8. Gabi Sigurdsson2814.002022-11-26 14:20:17
9. epic gamer2613.002022-11-26 01:48:03
10. Dana Zimmerman2512.502022-11-25 21:46:03
11. Christopher Kent2412.002022-11-24 19:42:45
12. Julian Avellaneda2211.002022-11-27 19:10:48
13. Noah Torres2010.002022-11-25 13:39:34
14. trenton strohl2010.002022-11-24 18:20:12
15. LOGAN HOLLORAN189.002022-11-28 13:12:34
16. Patrick Ballardo168.002022-11-28 14:38:18
NameClicksAvgLast Login
1. Pau Piang600120.002022-11-28 13:22:25
2. myles holden31663.202022-11-25 04:54:20
3. Dylan Bledsoe27955.802022-11-28 14:29:31
4. Christopher Bryant19939.802022-11-28 15:14:43
5. Jesus Martinez Cervantes19639.202022-11-25 02:25:19
6. trenton strohl18336.602022-11-24 18:20:12
7. Anthony Han17334.602022-11-27 19:20:51
8. Lamar Bell6813.602022-11-27 01:30:36
9. Daniel AngelesOlea6613.202022-11-28 14:12:17
10. Joaquín Nicolás Cordero Pastor6613.202022-11-25 12:17:26
11. Austin Claflin6412.802022-11-28 13:35:11
12. Noah Torres6312.602022-11-25 13:39:34
13. Patrick Ballardo5410.802022-11-28 14:38:18
14. Francisco Sandoval5310.602022-11-27 03:48:52
15. Julian Avellaneda469.202022-11-27 19:10:48
16. Ayan Sharma469.202022-11-26 14:51:39
17. Gabi Sigurdsson428.402022-11-26 14:20:17
18. Christopher Kent418.202022-11-24 19:42:45
19. Daniel Sánchez Anaya408.002022-11-25 14:47:57
20. Dana Zimmerman397.802022-11-25 21:46:03
21. whotao387.602022-11-26 19:02:03
22. Yael Maldonado-Sandoval357.002022-11-24 18:39:30
23. Cristian Ponce guevara346.802022-11-25 23:36:03
24. Christopher Finger316.202022-11-28 14:47:05
25. David Goodman316.202022-11-26 05:28:58
26. William Green275.402022-11-27 17:49:31
27. Marcus Young255.002022-11-28 12:30:07
28. HENNESSY255.002022-11-27 22:59:50
29. Patti Harris244.802022-11-28 00:08:07
30. JayGoCrazy224.402022-11-24 17:33:46
NameClicksAvgLast Login
1. Pau Piang50150.102022-11-28 13:22:25
2. trenton strohl42942.902022-11-24 18:20:12
3. Dylan Bledsoe42442.402022-11-28 14:29:31
4. Christopher Bryant39939.902022-11-28 15:14:43
5. Anthony Han32532.502022-11-27 19:20:51
6. myles holden29429.402022-11-25 04:54:20
7. Daniel AngelesOlea16116.102022-11-28 14:12:17
8. Joaquín Nicolás Cordero Pastor13613.602022-11-25 12:17:26
9. Joel Rivera949.402022-11-28 15:19:41
10. Noah Torres949.402022-11-25 13:39:34
11. Patrick Ballardo858.502022-11-28 14:38:18
12. Julian Avellaneda828.202022-11-27 19:10:48
13. Yael Maldonado-Sandoval595.902022-11-24 18:39:30
NameClicksAvgLast Login
1. Pau Piang2502166.802022-11-28 13:22:25
2. Dylan Bledsoe69946.602022-11-28 14:29:31
3. Christopher Bryant59739.802022-11-28 15:14:43
4. Daniel AngelesOlea59039.332022-11-28 14:12:17
5. Joaquín Nicolás Cordero Pastor18312.202022-11-25 12:17:26
6. Noah Torres1469.732022-11-25 13:39:34
7. Daniel Sánchez Anaya1359.002022-11-25 14:47:57
8. Lamar Bell1268.402022-11-27 01:30:36
9. Dana Zimmerman1016.732022-11-25 21:46:03
10. Piefungun825.472022-11-25 05:33:26
NameClicksAvgLast Login
1. Pau Piang120240.072022-11-28 13:22:25
2. Dylan Bledsoe119639.872022-11-28 14:29:31
3. Christopher Bryant113937.972022-11-28 15:14:43
4. Joaquín Nicolás Cordero Pastor35211.732022-11-25 12:17:26
5. Noah Torres2648.802022-11-25 13:39:34
6. Lamar Bell1284.272022-11-27 01:30:36
NameClicksAvgLast Login
1. Pau Piang7017116.952022-11-28 13:22:25
2. Dylan Bledsoe261143.522022-11-28 14:29:31
3. Christopher Bryant230438.402022-11-28 15:14:43
4. Anthony Han228038.002022-11-27 19:20:51
5. myles holden177229.532022-11-25 04:54:20
6. Joaquín Nicolás Cordero Pastor62510.422022-11-25 12:17:26
7. Noah Torres4677.782022-11-25 13:39:34
8. Patrick Ballardo4116.852022-11-28 14:38:18
9. Daniel AngelesOlea3075.122022-11-28 14:12:17
NameClicksAvgLast Login
1. Pau Piang450845.082022-11-28 13:22:25
2. Dylan Bledsoe430143.012022-11-28 14:29:31
3. Christopher Bryant395439.542022-11-28 15:14:43
4. Anthony Han288228.822022-11-27 19:20:51
5. Joaquín Nicolás Cordero Pastor8948.942022-11-25 12:17:26
NameClicksAvgLast Login
1. Pau Piang749162.422022-11-28 13:22:25
2. Dylan Bledsoe565147.092022-11-28 14:29:31
3. whotao495941.332022-11-26 19:02:03
4. Christopher Bryant477939.832022-11-28 15:14:43
5. Anthony Han394932.912022-11-27 19:20:51
6. Joaquín Nicolás Cordero Pastor11559.622022-11-25 12:17:26
7. Noah Torres9678.062022-11-25 13:39:34
8. Daniel AngelesOlea8346.952022-11-28 14:12:17

What is the CPS test?

The CPS test means Click Per Second test. Our website allows you to examine your test speed. In short, the CPS test is all about checking your clicking speed with the help of some online tool. Numerous online tools are available that helps you to take the CPS counter.

Games are the most fundamental way to enjoy and experience amusement. Moreover, it helps you to develop intellect power. Early, it used to be in the form of outdoor games. But in past decades, the concept of the games has been revised.

We used to play the games with groups, and later on, it has turned into gadget gaming. Internet is the most effective weapon we have today, and it has already changed the world a lot that you can witness in every sector. Animation and the gaming industry are amongst fields that have been affected by the internet. The game industry has gone through robust changes and has seen many ups and downs.

We can observe that people are making their careers in the game. And this field truly demands skilled people to succeed. Moreover, skills may include obtaining expertise with keyboard outlets. Today's games are compatible with any device, whether a laptop/computer or mobile. Many games require mouse clicker, space bar clicker, even some keys on the keyboard. And to gain expertise in those games, you need to polish the above skills.

Let's infold the CPS Counter in detail.

CPS means Click Per Second, and click may include your mouse click. The faster you click with your mouse, the higher your CPS score.

You can increase the speed of mouse click with practice. If your goal is to gain expertise in some games, you want to pursue a career in games.

How to take the Click Counter with our site?

Once you enter spacebarcounter.org, click on CPS test on the left side menu bar. You will have three options-

Score: It will show the score that will depend on your clicking speed.

Timer: Once you start clicking, it will display the time required.

Clicks: It will give you the exact number of your clicks.

Once you enter the clicker counter option, start clicking with your mouse. Try to click as fast as and get the best score and ranking on the clicker counter. This test has the feature to reset the times at your convenience. You can set a timer manually or just on any timer in the cps timer table.

The table ranges from 1 second counter to 120 second counter. If you have chosen 5 second counter, the timer will count your clicks for 5 seconds. Click on the set clicker counter to set your timer manually. With this CPS counter, you can even appear in similar tests, such as jitter, kohi, and many more. All the test has the same feature as the CPS counter.

Feature of a clicker counter:


This tool user friendly, and it has easy to understanding interface. Anyone with less technical knowledge can access the tool without any trouble.

Gives the most authentic result:

This tool accurately measures your clicks, giving you the most accurate result.


The CPS tool is perfectly compatible with every device. Whether a desktop or computer, you will get the experience. Also, it supports many top browsers.

No lagging problem:

You will not experience any lagging and hanging problems while taking the CPS counter. Now practice with an error-free experience.

How to improve the speed with the clicker counter?

To gain expertise in the games, you need to have a higher clicking speed. And this speed comes with practice. If you are willing to enhance your clicking rate, you can use our tool. Only 10 to 15 minutes of practice can give you the horse ranking.

How to prepare for the CPS test?

There are many factors a user has to assume before appearing for the game. One of the primary things is the internet connection. As the CPS test is an online tool.

One of the other noteworthy aspects is the hardware part. Before attempting the game, check that the mouse is connected well and the buttons are functioning nicely. If you are a serious gamer, we suggest you go for a gaming mouse.

If as an extra tip, players should note that they make the streaming and they can score higher.

What is the best way to measure or calculate the CPS?

TThe number of most clicks per second is called CPS or Mouse Clicker. The outcome of the cps test is called the CPS rate. You can calculate your clicks manually, but there are chances of getting wrong or error. So, it's always better to do it with a proper system. There are many sites, tools, or software available that helps you to measure your click.

However, one more thing we should consider, as these are just a tool. There may possibility of lagging the system. If your clicking mouse has some mechanical issue, in that case, it may be possible for your mouse to get slow down.

CPS Ranking

CPS ranking depends on your performance in the test. There are five types of ranking, and they are as follows:

1. Turtle Rank:

If your click ranges between 1 to 5, your ranking will be a Turtle.

2. Rabbit Rank:

You need to be a little fast to get this ranking. If your click ranges between 6 to 8, your ranking will be Rabbit.

3. Deer Rank:

This ranking is higher than Rabbit Rank. You must click between 9 to 11 to get a Deer ranking.

4. Tiger Rank:

If your click ranges between 12 to 14, it is Tiger ranking.

5. Leopard Rank:

This ranking places at the top. If your click ranges higher than 14, you will be given a Leopard ranking. To achieve this ranking, you must practice daily, and many players have got Leopard ranking on our website. So practice well and prove yourself.

This is ranking will be given based on your performance.

How to break click counter records fast?

Records are made only for broken. To create new records, we must break old ones. But for that, all you need is constant practice, commitment along with some advice and antics.

The most suitable method to crack cps records is practicing various clicking methods like Jitter Clicking, Butterfly clicking, Kohi Click Test, and many more. These clicking approaches let the users conceive rapid clicking speed and score more. Besides, try to operate a gaming mouse rather than a usual laptop mouse, and you will glimpse a growth in your CPS rate after using a mechanical mouse.

These will be beneficial only when you are willing to do so. If you practice regularly with concentration, you will observe a significant change in your clicking speed.

Benefits of CPS counter tools:

  • Polishes the skill:

    Mouse clicking is one of the skills, and to gain expertise, we must polish it with practice. So these tools help you to do so.

  • Increases speed:

    If you are looking for ways to enhance clicking speed, you must consider these online CPS test tools.

  • Useful in gaming:

    Numerous games offer the clicking speed as the skill. So, to win those games, you must practice regularly online.

Give the challenge to your with CPS counter:

Do you know, you can give the challenge to your dear one or friends. For that, first, you have to take the test, then only you will be able to provide the challenge. Take a test, and try to score as higher as possible. Once you set the higher score, tell your friends to crack the record. And this way, you can challenge them.


In short, The CPS Test is a free tool, which calculates your mouse clicking rate in the given time interval. Taking the CPS test game is comfortable and entertaining at the same time. The game is appropriate for all age levels, so don't fret if you are just a student or a person with a corporate job.

Just take the device, open the website and start playing or taking the click counter. One of the significant advantages is that It checks your best mouse clicking speed, and depending on your performance in the click counter, our tool will give you the score and ranking. We hope that you will like the click counter tool.


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CPS Test