Typing Test

Typing is the ability or skill to write something using a keyboard. In other words, It is the process of writing by tapping a key. We use typing activity input the machines like computers, calculators, and many more. Typing is one of the most used skills in the corporate work culture, and this ability helps you craft new skills through a device that uses a keyboard. Nowadays, there are many famous techniques available for typing.

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Several types of typing are available today


It is the most usual and the most effective method. The typist focuses on the source rather than the keyboard and screen in this method. When you don't look at the keyboard, typing speed automatically improves. Almost every typing specialist uses touch type for typing.

Hunt & Peck:

In this typing technique, a person types without looking at the keyboard where people tape a key one after another. So, if you make any mistake, it will be hard to find an error.


This method is the combination of Touch Typing and the Hunt & Peck technique. In this method, the typist remembers the console layout and focuses on the screen. The typist jams the fingers on the keyboard button to speed up their typing. They only move their finger while typing.


This is the fourth method of typing. In this, a person pauses while typing each word. First, they try to remember the sentence and then type it. This method is slow, and we do not recommend it.


Thumbing is the most advanced typing method. After the advancement in smartphones and tab, this novel method has evolved. In this technique, the person practices with their both thumb to type. This typing method is beneficial only on small devices.

As per the recent study, touch-type is one of the most reliable techniques to practice. Typists don't look at the screen and the keyboard, and it increases the chances of making mistakes while typing. So the idea is to remember the keyboard layout well and then type sentences.

What is a good WPM in typing?

WPM is the measuring unit of typing, and it means Word Per Minute. The more words you type in a given time interval, the higher the WPM is. If your WPM is 40, it is considered the average speed, and 50 WPM is above average. And if your typing speed exceeds 70 WPM, it suggests that your typing has high speed.

According to the data, most people type with average speed. So if you are one of them, you can increase your typing speed.

How to be fast while typing?

  • Make sure you start slowly.
  • Make yourself familiar with the usual hand posture on the keyboard and begin with slow typing of the most general terms in the language.
  • Now try to little fast proper hand posturer.
  • And the last step is to practice, more practice.

Does having typing speed help gamers?

The answer is simple yes, if any gamer has a good typing speed, it helps a lot in any gaming. But a gamer with below-average speed does not affect gaming skills as well. Gamer with touch-type skills can save your time. And you can use that time for playing the game. Also, if you are playing live, touch-type skills will help you message your follower while playing the game.

What is typing test?

Typing test is the process of testing your typing skill. This test helps you to find your WPM-Word Per Minute. Many tools, sites, and software are available on the internet that lets you take the test for your typing skill. Typing test is similar to the spacebar counter test available on our site. Do try them too. Space bar counter is a test where you can measure your spacebar clicks. In typing test, you have to measure your WPM (Word per minute). You can even use these tools to regulate your speed daily.

Steps to take a typing test

  • Search for the proper typing tool online. You can choose the site as per the user interface and the features you want in that tool.
  • Check which features they have made available in the tool, Such as time setup, typing test competition with others, social sharing, and many more.
  • After that, set the timer to take the test. You can reset it at your convenience.
  • A timer starts; you also have to start your typing test.

How to boost your typing speed with games?

Games play an essential role in entertaining people, and it also encourages us to discover some new things in a fun way. And you can speed up your typing too. There are so many exciting games available that you can use, and we are mentioning the list of games in this article. Use these games to practice typing regularly and get the benefits throughout your performance.

On the top of our list is typing racing game, followed by Typing War Master, Bubble typing game, Typing shooting game, Cat typing game, Typing war game, Typing Ninja Game, and many more. These games are very easy to play and perfect for beginners and do try these games.

Bottom line

Typing test is one of the ways to measure your typing speed. We have already discussed types of typing, and you can choose what works better for you. Of all methods, touch-type is one of the most reliable methods for typing. Many people have tried their hands on online typing tests, and you should also try. After you appear in the test, you will get a result stating your performance. Based on this outcome, you can prepare further planning's to improve your typing.


Typing is one of the important soft skills that everyone should learn and adopt. If you are an average typist, take your typing next level with Typing test. Because practising with proper tools and tactics lets you track your performance. All the best, and make yourself ready for typing test.

The game ends with the failure of the real Bowser and the release of Princess Toadstool. This game was inspired directly by many games, Such as Super Show (1989 and Super Mario Bros (1993).

Super Mario is an electronic platform game that includes climbing, jumping, and swimming to reach the final target. This game makes it the best business video game of all time, as per the Guinness Book of World Records. It was the first video game in the world that has come in video or movie format. After 1983, many games have released starring Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, and Dennis Hopper. Super Mario is the first video game that rescued the video game industry. This game has appeared in more than 200 titles.

Top facts about the Super Mario game

  • Super Mario has just celebrated its 35th anniversary.
  • Mario and the lungi were the superstars of the game. Nintendo declared 2013 as the Year of Luigi.
  • Mario doesn't have any last name, this fact has been asked many times, but they said he doesn't have one.
  • Even Nintendo is not making any new characters these days. They are busy creating new ones from old ones. They are expanding Mario out to animated movies and theme parks.
  • Mario and pals were going to fight against each other in Olympics 2019. But it was postponed due to the pandemic. Do you want to see them competing?
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  • During the 35 years of the Mario game journey, Mario has played more than 12 different occupations. He started with a carpenter in the first video game.
  • Super Mario has set and broken many world records, Such as Mario is the longest-running video game character.
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Why is Super Mario so popular and successful game?

Super Mario Bros. is the biggest video game franchise of all season. More than 222 million copies have been sold, incredible! Isn't it? The early video game industry was going through hell, and Super Mario has saved the video game industry single-handedly. So it's not surprising if this game is too popular.

The world was first introduced with "GAME OVER" just because of the Super Mario game. And the effect of this game used to be seen in all ages people. This game has given a chance to many people to relax for some time.

Top reasons for the Super Mario game that has brought a radical change in the video game industry

A novel game

Super Mario is so unique and popular amongst people because of its pattern and the format of the game. Many games have come over after the iconic game Super Mario. Every single game has followed the unique format to run their games.

A unique way to play the game

"Super Mario Bros." was such an active platformer because it didn't just drive you into a provocation like many other games published at the time. The challenge level rose during the game in a more lenient tone for players to adapt it. The opening levels in the game have been constructed so that they will help you build your necessary skill to win upcoming levels.

Protecting the video game industry

Can you imagine a world without video games? Early this industry was not doing so well. Many games used to release, but these were not that famous and addictive. After that, Super Mario debuted in the industry, and everything changed suddenly. This game grabbed the world's attention because of its unique way to play the game. Technology was not as developed as today, the first game series in 2D. But still, this game was successful in protecting the video game industry. So, you cannot forget the contribution of Super Mario.

If you are a game enthusiast or want to start a game career, you can always polish your skill with the space bar clicker tool. The spacebar clicker is the tool that helps you to measure your spacebar click in a given time interval. Must try!

Character Mario was widely accepted.

There are so many characters in the Super Mario game. Still, the main hero was Mario, and we cannot forget lungi. There Mario's brother was so popular that they were universally accepted. The company has never tried to put the character into a single frame. They have always portrayed Mario differently, and that's why Mario has played more than 12 occupations.

Bottom Line:

Super Mario is one of the most loved video game series. It has created a special place in our hearts, and therefore it has been more than 35 years, and we still cherish the memories of our Mario.